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Thursday, March 24, 2011

NOTD: Pink holo goodness



Hey there! So just two days ago, I visited Daiso (at Vivo City) and managed to pick up a few holos from there that I've not seen in stores for quite a while! Was really happy they had a pink one! :D So obviously I picked that up! I don't wear pink on my nails that often, but pink holos just attract me, LOL. This was in no.2 I believe. Plus, they were really cheap, at SGD$2! Sold!
The application was good, goes on smoothly. Initially I didn't think they were linear holos as the ones I picked up a year ago, their holo effect wasn't very strong at all. The recent ones I picked up has a stronger holo effect, especially no. 2. Cheryl from legallypolish mentioned they are linear holo, and I think so too! The effect is not as strong as compared to Nfu Oh and MUS holos though. I am not too sure how long these will last on the nails since I just changed my mani, and had that on only for a couple of hours!
I actually painted these on while at the bus stop, so it was quite surprising my manicure didn't turn out ugly! :D

p/s: If you are in Singapore and want to pick these up, the outlet at ION has more stocked up! :)


  1. This looks amazing on you! :D I'm so excited to get these!

  2. I can't believe you did it at the bus stop! It's so neat! And now I MUST find this light pink one too! I have the darker pink one.

  3. Rachel: Thank you! Can't wait to see them on you!
    Cheryl: Haha I think this is the darker pink one, and it just looks lighter in my pictures? Cos' this is the darkest of all the pink I saw! They really should name their polish on the bottle, not just some peel off label! :)