Well, this is my diary. And it's about my nails. :D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My nails through instagram

I have been REALLY wanting to update this space for such a long time, but school has been taking up all my time even to the point where I had on chipped polish for months and, oh dear lord, they have just been so neglected. 

Anyhoo, here are the occasional snaps of my nails through the beloved filtered app.

Easter nails! OPI Mermaid Tears and Milani's dupe of DL Happy Birthday

OPI Who Are You Wearing

China Glaze IDK

Christmas nails

Pre- Christmas nails in November. I was really excited, okay.
Base: Orly Iron Butterfly.

Yepppp that is all. Sadly.
I should also mention my camera is missing... the iPhone camera should come in handy about now. 
To end this post, here are some cupcakes. Everybody love cupcakes. 

Have a swell evening!