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Friday, March 11, 2011

M.A.C Wonder Woman swatches.

Today I resisted the cute! I am talking about the M.A.C Wonder Woman nail varnishes. The thought of having to pay SGD$24 a pop made my heart ache. ),:
I actually contemplated for a good 5 mins or so, and decided not to get it yet as the colors are quite common and thought I might find similar shades in my nail stash.
I swatched the two colors, each on half of my thumb. I thought it would look less silly than having my last two fingers of different polish colors, but that is just me! Coincidentally, the colors matched my outfit- red Vans, blue jeans and jacket!

Without top coat

Both colors went on smooth, and were *almost* opaque and even in one coat, and they dry pretty fast. I really like the formula for these!

With Seche Vite TC

I never really saw M.A.C nail varnish bottles as cute, I just find them meh. That is until one day when I saw a M.A.C bottle all alone there standing out like a sore thumb on the shelf filled with OPIs. For some reason when compared to the OPIs, it made me went OMG SO CUTE, WANT! From then onwards I always view M.A.C bottles as cute haha. So when the WW collection came out, it made the bottle even cuter!! So glad I missed them though, I can't justify the $24 price tag for such common colors, wish they were something more unique. (e.g perhaps blue jelly with gold shimmer or micro-glitter..? Hmmmm)

Trust me, I tried my best to take the colors as true to pic. But with this camera and lighting this is all I've got. ): I suck at photoshop soooo yeah. There must be something wrong with my eye, cos' I keep seeing the colors differently. Maybe it's just the lighting.

Spirit of Truth is a dark navy cream and just when I thought I didn't have any color like it in my stash, ha! Elianto Novy Blue (okay weird name) was so close to it, except Novy blue has more grey and was more 'dusty', and also not as opaque and has that jelly-ish finish while Spirit of Truth is straight out flat navy blue cream. Really pretty, but for $24, no thanks!

Spirit of Truth compared with Elianto's Novy Blue (swatched on nail wheel)

I feel that Obey Me is like a darker version of OPI Big Apple Red. Initially when I saw the color online I thought of OPI Off with her red, but OWHR is more orange-y.

Elianto's Novy Blue and OPI Off with her red

Comparison between M.A.C Spirit of Truth and Obey me (thumb) with Elianto's Novy Blue and OPI Off with her red (index)

In pictures they might not look that obvious that they are different, but I feel that IRL you can tell if you look carefully, especially for OPI Off with her red vs Obey me.

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  1. The dupes are so close that they're basically indistinguishable at arm's length! I don't think the MAC polishes are worth their cost.