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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Roses are red, well not in this case.

My weekend manicure, roses! This is my first attempt at the rose manicure and as you can quite tell from the pictures they are an obvious fail LOL. I didn't have enough time to redo a manicure as I had to study for my finals, but at the same time, can't leave my nails naked during the weekend!

You can tell, I didn't even do a proper job in painting the base haha. I did this manicure in less than an hour, so well you know what you get when you rush and don't put time into it. (;
I used OPI Gargantuan Green Grape for the base, OPI Strawberry Margarita and Alpine Snow for the roses and OPI Damone Roberts 1968 and Jade is the new black for the leaves. (If they even look like leaves!) I have to ask to pardon my dry skin as well, they are starting to peel again! ): Probably because I fail to use LUSH Lemony Flutter and hand cream again. /=

Sidetracking, look at what I have here!
Little minis of Red Door and Red Door Revealed!

My mom and I went to shop for fragrances a few days ago and got these and a few others.
Cute, aren't they? :D

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