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Monday, November 8, 2010

No idea what to title this LOL

Today's Nail of The Day:

I wanted something that is bright and pink...
After all it is almost the end of my finals but sadly I didn't think I did very well for my last paper (well the rest is MCQ and Mother Tongue, so I don't really like to count them ;D), I want something to cheer me up! I wasn't exactly of what I wanted to do, so I just added a flower on the ring finger and improvised. My thumb design ended up kind of awkward with the rest of my nails, but I decided to keep it anyway, but re did it because I caused a dent on it by accident when texting haha

Awkward thumb LOL

I re did the thumb, and as you can see, uhm I wanted it to look nicer but it ended up looking funnier. Oh well, I doubt I will be keeping this design longer than 2 days anyway! :D
This picture was taken at night, hence the lighting seems different. The above pictures were taken in daylight.

My right hand. Since my right hand is my dominant hand, I expect the nails on my left hand to look nicer, but I kind of prefer the designs on my right hand.

Color used: OPI Flower to Flower

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