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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NOTD: Banana chocolate ice-cream

Today's NOTD is food inspired. Not very surprising since I love food so much!
I think I just might plan my next couple manicures for this whole week to be inspired by my favorite food! 

I absolutely love banana chocolate (or chocolate banana?) ice cream. The best version I have tasted so far (but then again I have never tried a whole lot of different banana chocolate ice cream... hmm) is from none other than Ben and Jerry's. My favorite ice cream place, ever.

Naturally, I painted in the signature clouds that was on the tub, and the rest express the contents.

The pale yellow represents the base, other yellow suggests the banana pieces in the ice cream, light brown the walnuts and the pinky finger dark brown represents the chocolate.

I expected to come up with something more interesting... but I just decided to go with something way simpler in the end. :)

Nevertheless, I hope it wasn't too boring. Here are the polishes that were on:

The index finger yellow was mixed by myself, though Orly Lemonade is similar, but darker. :)

Ice cream tub and ice cream picture credits to rodzillareviews

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